American International Journal of Social Science

ISSN 2325-4149(Print), ISSN 2325-4165(Online) DIO: 10.30845/aijss

Vol. 2 No. 6; August 2013

Table of Contents
Ethnic Identification and Heritage Language Learning among Chinese American Teenagers
Jing Lei
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Transboundary Trade in Genetically Modified Foods
Lars Bracht Andersen
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Hispanic Businesses: A Community’s New Beginning or More Conflict and Avoidance
David P. Sosar
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Using Technology to Educate Women Religious in Africa
Kathryn Clauss, Jane Wakahiu, Mary Salvaterra
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From Weapon to Prey: Symbolic Transformation in the Early Development of Ball Sports
Dr. Douglas M. Carroll
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Risk Factors in Childhood Anti-social Behavior and Adulthood Criminal Career
Dr. Ogaga Ayemo OBARO
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The Innovation and Economic Growth: An Estonian Case in Point
Gediminas Mačys
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Relationship between Drug Abuse and Deviant Behaviour among Undergraduate Students of University of Lagos, Nigeria
Dr. Ubangha Monday Bassey, Dr. Bola Makinde, Idowu Rasheed Ajani, Ogunyemi Michael Olumide
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Gender Analysis of Access to Credit by Rural Small Scale Farmers in Benue State Nigeria
Elizabeth N. Jeiyol, Sunday B. Akpan, Terver N. Tee
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Managerial Style and Staff Turnover in Nigerian Banks: A Comparative Analysis
Essien Ekong .A, Adekunle Olusegun.A, Oke-Bello Adesina Mukaila
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Estimating Gender Earnings Gap in the Informal Sector Kayayei Labour Market: Micro-Level Empirical Evidence from Kumasi, Ghana
Isaac Addai
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A Computer-aid Error Analysis of Chinese College Students’ English Compositions
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Making Early Childhood Learning Pleasant: Coping With the Exam Anxiety
Amjad Ali ARAIN, Iftikhar Hussain JAFRI, Mr. Arshad Saleem
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Basic characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises in terms of their strategic management
Ing. Monika Březinová
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