American International Journal of Social Science

ISSN 2325-4149(Print), ISSN 2325-4165(Online) DIO: 10.30845/aijss

Vol. 5, No. 2; April 2016

Table of Contents
Adolescent Body Image in the United States & Guyana: A Socio-cultural Comparison
Winetta A. Oloo, Ph.D., LMFT; Isa A. Ribadu, Ph.D., LMFT; Nichola Ribadu, DMFT, LMFT
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A Historical Analysis of African Americans in the Trenton State Prison System, New Jersey: Before, During and After the Civil War, 1850-1890
Dr. Harvey L. McMurray, Dr. Jarvis Hargrove, Dr. Jonathan Livingston
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Recognizing and Preparing the Narcissist for the Expatriate Experience: Practical Notes on Affecting Intercultural Communication Competence
Justin C. Velten, Ph.D.; Rian Alexander
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Social Sciences as a Driver of Public Innovation for Coexistence
Marlon Mike Toro-Álvarez
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Bullying at the Fire Station? Perceptions Based on Gender, Race and Sexual Orientation
Dr. John C. Griffith, Dr. Donna L. Roberts, Dr. Ronald T. Wakeham
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“Thy People Shall Be My People”: Assimilation and Diffusion among Modern Day Missionaries
Reed L. Welch, Jenifer Kunz
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Analyzing the Stratification in the Mexican Labor Market through Access to Education
José Raúl Luyando Cuevas
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Social Trend of Hip Hop Dance: As Identity and Cultural Practices in Youth
Martha Rizzo González, PhD
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A Study on Developing the Indicators of Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction for Business
Ching-Hua Lu, Ying-Chyi Chou, Chia-Han Yang, Chisi Hwu, Pei-Chun Wang
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The Preliminary and Reflection of Neighbourhood Governance Study in Taiwan
Yan-Yi Chang, Hong-Cheng Liu, Chih-Pei Hu
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Nigeria and the United Nations Security Council
Nanna Charlotte Lord-Mallam, PhD
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Structured Studies of National Future Strategy Systems: Korean Cases
Ji-Yeon YOO
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Defence and Wider Government Policy
Mosses Eromedochene Ukpenumewu Tedheke, Ph.D.
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