American International Journal of Social Science

ISSN 2325-4149(Print), ISSN 2325-4165(Online) DIO: 10.30845/aijss

The Correlation between Interfamilial Influencing Factors and the Behavior of Preschool Child
Dr. Gabriela Iorgulescu

: In the familial group, parents exercise, directly or indirectly, major influences on children. This educational function is one of the most important, because the parents are those who offer educational models intended to form the worldview and life, and also the attitude towards social norms and behavior in relationships with others. Due to the fact that in the first years of life (“the seven years from home”) sets the foundations of the personality, it is necessary that parents provide models based on the psycho-pedagogical principle clearly outlined. The educational strategies used by parents are diverse. They consider that they are always well intentioned and they are convinced that the effects will be positive, but not always the influences exercised are those expected, and there are cases when the real result of the educational ways have negative consequences on the process of training and personality components. The educational family environment (positive or negative) may have repercussions on their school performance. The study was carried out on 100 preschoolers, aged between 5 years and 7 years, and had as purpose the observation of the family environment and its influence in the formation of structuring factor of the child's personality.

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